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ng on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. we're going to have enough money to fund the schools as our constitution requires. >> dan: governor brown says thank you. voters agree to tax themselves to support schools and colleges. good evening, i'm dan ashley. governor promises to be responsible with the funds the state will be collecting. they gave him a big victory
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nearly 54% volunteered in favor of proposition 30 saving the state $6 billion in what would have been drastic budget cuts. democrats have a super majority in sacramento that would allow them to increase more taxes without going back to the voters. nannette miranda is in sacramento with the story. >> reporter: in a surprise, they handed the democratic party super majorities in both legislative houses. first simultaneous super majority since 1933. that means democrats have the two-thirds vote necessary not only to raise taxes but also override gubernatorial vetoes. the new numbers worry republicans which won't have much say in major policy. >> in a super majority, they have a lot of power. typically when you have too much power you can go awry.
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>> darrell steinberg says raising taxes is not in the >> identity i'm not going to suggested with our new powers is go out and seek and raise more taxes. >> reporter: but at the same time he says it's time to bring back programs that have suffered in billions of dollars in in budget cuts over the years. >> we will take the opportunity to fight for and restore some of the worst of the worst cuts. >> californians still have the executive branch to block any tax measure the legislature might pass through. the governor says he'll make sure the legislature doesn't overindulge and reminded people of the campaign promise he made. >> are you going to use the super majority to raise taxes? >> the only way to raise taxes is by the people. >> but the governor won't commit to a veto either. >> we're not into the threat game here. >> governor brown wants to use the powers to recalibrate
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business regulations and improve education, steinberg wants tax and initiative reform. nannette miranda, "abc 7 news". >> dan: now the prop 30 has passed san francisco state university will eastbound begin reimbursing students. most will see about $250 deposited in the accounts because they will roll back tuition fees. they may see the form of the money of a credit to be applied to next semester. >> proposition 35 passed overwhelmingly but it's being challenged in the courts. it goes after human traffickers with tougher penalties. it passed with 81% of the vote but it also requires registered sex offenders to reveal their online names. electronic frontier foundation say that is unconstitutional. other propositions been rejected.
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proposition 34, repeal of the death penalty. voters said no, and proposition 37 labeling genetically engineered food, both propositions were rejected. >> an arrest in the home burglaries in the home of nancy pelosi. they picked up kevin fagan. they say he broke into her home twice once on monday and gone tuesday. things were ransacked but it's not clear if anything was taken. cal tran delays linger through the night after a train slammed into a car on the tracks in redwood city. a woman and child were able to get out of the car before the crash so therefore no one was injured. sky 7 was over the scene after it happened. they say a car accidentally turned on to the tracks around 6:00 tonight and maple street in redwood city. caltrain is still experiencing delays up to 30 minutes tonight.
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>> one by one, police are tracking down suspects in a muni bus burning by a mob celebrating the giants victory last month. investigators they arrested a 19-year-old nicolas hudson from daly city. police wants you to to take a good look of other suspects. one man accused of using a skateboard. this is man is being charged. here are the photos i want to show you. this man is accused of using a skateboard to smash out the bus windows. there you see it as it happens. here is one more person police nto talk to. they say he used a barricade to damage the windshield of the bus. bus driver was able to get all of the passengers off safely. it happened a few weeks ago after the giants won. a suspect who was tased is suing the city of martinez use for excessive fce.
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police insist the video doesn't tell the whole story. >> eric gilson says police cars came out of nowhere and surrounded his vehicle. he says officers rushed him with guns drawn. >> the officers began shouting commands at me. there were several officers and shouting commands. >> he had no idea what was happening. he would learn later that his wife filed a domestic violence complaint. >> they told me to raise my hands which i did and they asked me to get on my knees. >> the video shows him getting on his knees. >> my hands were up so i turned to the left to tell him my hands were up. that is when i felt the jolt of electricity. >> reporter: he falls out of sight of the video. they gather around him including the one who shot him with the taser. >> my body was immobilized.
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>> they booked him on a charge of resisting arrest. his attorney says in the lawsuit that police used excessive force. that even prosecutors apparently agreed with him. >> i assume they saw the video of this incident and they the refuse to file it. they said, no. >> he posted the video about three weeks ago. it's received about half a million hits. martinez police chief declined to talk to us on camera, but in a phone conversation he said, the video doesn't speak for itself. the part that was posted was edited to deceive and misrepresent what actually occurred. they determined the officer acted within policy. >> i think the picture says a thousand words. video wasn't edited. >> we showed the video to don cameron. he teaches at police academies. he says gilson was not resisting or trying to escape but he says domestic violence is a serious
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crime and he had not been frisked yet for a weapon. but this is what caught his eye, he was looking over his left shoulder while lowering his arms a possible reason for firing a taser. >> when officers to see where they are and the hand starts to move. that is the sign. >> he says in this case he didn't think it's a clear-cut of excessive force, but a judgment call on the part of that officer. the martinez police department gave us a longer version of the video but we looked at it and it alley didn't show anything new. gilson was charged in august with numerous counts of domestic violence and stalking targeting his wife. >> dan: striking workers at raley's is rallying behind one of their own. communication director for the union was arrested at nob hill
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grocery in alameda during a disputed over a paycheck. the chain says he assaulted and employee. they walked off on sunday in the dispute. in a statement the store says they are attempting to force the company out of business. >> an enormous new outlet mall could bring jobs to a hard hit area. paragon mall is se open tomorrow bringing it jobs and high end jobs. >> on no one said lowering the unemployment rate would be easy. it's downright hard work. >> you've been on the job how long? >> two days. >> back way is labor on a construction site digging ditches. >> so today they helped race the clock to help open it one of 130 new stores that will debut with
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the new paragon mall. 2,000 new jobs and economic boom to residents and a city. >> four years ago we saw our revenues drop 20% when we took almost $16 million hit from $85 million to about $70 million. so that was a drop in property tax and sales tax. >> for the mayor this was a difference a couple months can make. a promise made at job fair last summer. thousands of people went looking for work. now standing in the long lines begin to pay off. >> not expecting much. >> it was a little discouraging. >> yet, christian found a job as operator as executive assistant. she had been out of work for more than two months. that worry is gone. >> i see this hue mung us on mall with these amazing stores.
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people are going to come shopping. that is a sign of hope. >> and just in time, whether for a college student looking for extra spending or a mother hoping to keep her life right side up. >> i've got a 21-year-old boy in college. mother needs to make her mortgage. >> for comparison sake, livermore's unemployment rate is much improved. last year, 6.7% in september of 2011. 5.6% now and 5.6 is much better than the rest of california's unemployment rate which is 10 pin 2%. -- 10-2%. >> there is a dramatic change coming in our weather pattern and spencer is tracking it. >> that is true. we're looking at showers, cold air and snow in the sierra. i'll have a look at live doppler 7-hd in a moment. >> dan: also ahead, one bay area county prepares to shutters its
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fire stations. and unusual development in this woman's lawsuit against her old school. they did not settle the suit but they did issue an apology. find out why. in san jose, voters improve an increase in the minimum wage.
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>> dan: the moraga school district is back-pedaling tonight. a u.c. swim coach is suing the district for covering up her claims of sexual abuse several years ago by two teachers. they say her own carelessness or negligence may have played a role in what happened. she said she is outraged by the district's defense and today they issued a statement apologizing to her for any xiety or distress it caused and directed its attorney to withdraw that line of defense in the case. we're back to the election for a few moments. voters torched the parcel tax in contra costa that was measure "q". that means fire stations will be closed. county will also scale back responses to low priority calls.
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tens of thousands of workers in san jose will soon be getting a pay raise thanks to proposition "d". it passed with 59% of the vote. it will raise the minimum wage in the city to ten dollars from $8. workers have some san jose students to thank for their new pay raise. >> san jose becomes only the second city in the state to set the own minimum wage following the lead of san francisco. this is where it started. we were there in january when a group of sociology students at san jose state university launched the idea of increasing the city's minimum wage from eight to ten dollars an hour. >> it wasn't easy. it was us. we work and play by the rules we should get the fair wage we deserve. that is what people need. >> the silicon valley chamber of commerce fought to defeat
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measure "d" claiming that it would result in job losses. pizza company has two dozen employees. they will have to make adjustments to cover the 25% increase in payroll costs. >> no layoffs but we will have to consider some price increases. they will be small. >> san jose mayor opposed the measure and voter improved initiative will have consequences. >> the city will have to spend about $600,000 to implement it because we are required to set up an auditing function to make sure people follow the law. >> many voters agree with the students, raising the minimum wage in a high cost living area is the right thing to do. an estimated 40,000 minimum wage employees will benefit. the professor who supported the effort a successful campaign is already getting state and nationwide attention. >> it's about san jose, but it's about a larger question about
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economic inequality in the bay area and beyond. this effects all of america. >> the minimum wage hike goes into effect 90 days after election results become official so probably in march. >> dan: let's talk to spencer christian a changing weather forecast. i like it when it was warm. >> it's a thing of the past. say goodbye to toasty and say hello to frosty. we see partly cloudy skies. that will be the sky conditions during the overnight hours. here is a look at conditions from live doppler 7-hd as you can see. quite a bit of cloud cover north of the golden gate, high clouds are beginning to sweep in. we had low clouds earlier and daytime hours. things are changing for sure. cooling down and precipitation by tomorrow. current temperature readings mid to upper 50s.
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55 in san francisco. 58 across the bay in oakland. these are forecast features, cold showers tomorrow and lingering into friday. chance of a thunderstorm by friday morning as conditions rather unstable atmosphere. flurries are possible in the higher bay area peaks. overnight tonight we'll see some moisture in the clouds but no precipitation expected tonight. low temperatures mainly in the mid 40s. in the north bay valleys and upper 40s right around 50 for the remainder of the bay area. here is what is happening in the atmosphere. big pool of cold air dropping down from the gulf of alaska. that is the big change element. started our animation 5:00 tomorrow morning, at which point it should be dry around the bay area. we will have clouds at that hour. by 10:00 a.m., the front sweeping down through the north bay bringing showers to the north bay and perhaps south of
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the golden gate. midday, showers having spread to other parts of the bay area. then in the late afternoon, showers will trail through behind that impulse, waves of showers overnight into friday morning. by 5:00 friday morning, beginning at rush hour, not only could we have showers and locally heavy downpours but a thunderstorm or two. that is the possibility right up to 8:00 as this system passes over mount hamilton where there could be snow or mixed precipitation in the higher elevations there. late in the afternoon we should see on friday the showers tapering off. rainfall totals could be up to a quarter of an inch in the north bay. as high as half an inch in the east bay. peninsula down to the santa cruz maybe over half an inch in some locations there. in the sierra, winter weather advisory from 10:00 tomorrow morning to 10:00 friday morning. could see up to ten inches.
9:21 pm
here in the bay area, periods of showers, highs in the 50s up to about 60 degrees. a similar range of highs down around monterey bay. here is the seven-day forecast, cool weather through the weekend. weekend will be dry but pretty chilly. daytime highs mainly in the 50s up to about 60. cold enough overnight we should see temperatures below freezing in some spots early sunday morning and early monday morning. >> dan: like the last couple of days. >> since it is getting cool. skinny jeans and now skinny christmas trees. a n
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[ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least.
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>> dan: if you are traveling by air over thanksgiving, seats will be expensive. average flight will cost about $385, nine percent more than last year. you might save money by flying on thanksgiving day and returning the following on tuesday but could save you some money. that is the lightest travel days. not as crowded. >> it's not too early to start thinking about christmas at least the state capitol. they used a crane to place the christmas tree in front of the capitol building. it was taken to sacramento with a chp escorted. christmas trees in our homes, something new. check this out. they have a few names. skinny tree or slender or slim. this are as tall as regular ones but only half as wide. the idea here is people are living in smaller spaces and
9:26 pm
just don't have the room they once did. however, those folks that do have room are putting in each room of their house even red ones like this. real trees are available. they say it follows the same as premise as growing a bonzai tree. >> is gay marriage becoming the new normal? the ground swell across the country. ♪ >> the president and m.c. hammer. viral video you can't touch. changing face of america mack lyon. a timely bible lesson the lord's way. churches of christ in the to have you visit one of worship assemblies. just do that? you will. week, will you?
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>> dan: president obama is back in washington tonight. he and his family arrived at joint base andrews.
9:30 pm
before leaving chicago he spoke to two top leaders of congress and reiterated the need to reduce the deficit, cut taxes for the middle-class and create jobs. lawmakers expressed their willingness to work with one another. >> i'm not suggesting we compromise on our principles, but i am suggesting to commit ourselves to create an atmosphere where we can see common ground where it exists and cease it. >> it's better to dance than fight. it's better to work together. everything doesn't have to be a fight. everything doesn't have to be a fight. that has been the way it's been last couple years. >> dan: they are at disagreement. they differ on the timetable. boehner prefers to wait until the congress is seated. reid wants coming to get the work done immediately. back here, long time congressman pete stark has been ousted by
9:31 pm
his opponent. he has been in congress important four decades. he was key architect for president's agenda. but his opponent won. two democrats appeared on the ballot because of california's top two candidates rule in the primary election. >> sacramento congressman dan lungdren is behind by 184 votes. he is refusing to give up. mary bono mack in southern california. she 4500 votes behind her challenger. she gained the seat when her husband, sonny bono died in a ski accident a few years ago. >> nationally 20 women will serve in the senate. and new hampshire has all female tell gas station. maine, delaware and washington approved same-sex marriage and
9:32 pm
in minnesota, a measure restricting marriage only to men and women was defeated. now, the outcome there makes minnesota the first state in the nation to defeat a marriage amendment. indicate renner is in minneapolis. >> jumping down in elation. they are able to cheer yes. >> we did this together. >> it means everything. all my friends and my community. i have faith in minnesota. i love this city so much. >> it was an emotional win for the community and supporters. >> i said i have two moms. they have no idea about supporting me. >> it's the first step in their future together. >> some day we'll overturn same
9:33 pm
sex major and be able to marry together. >> so do they have power to legalize gay marriage? >> so they will ask on to be at the top of agenda. >> the directs the conversation it takes is uncertain right now. i think right now, they want to reach away from the fact we kept it out of the constitution. >> rejoicing but never finished and looking ahead. >> i have hope, i hope for for people that tomorrow will be better than today. >> dan: another first, tammy baldwin is openly gay politician and first wisconsin woman elected to the senate. she won by tommy thompson who had never lost a statewide race. and the results of the election have provided a portrait of what may be a changing america. here is cecilia vega. >> a chicago victory to
9:34 pm
new york's times square. look at the faces, young, black, white, latino, men and women. voters whose diversity mirrors the people they put into office for a second time. >> when you look at the country, it's much more like the modern family of the country where there is minorities, gays and single woman than it was about the men country which is white male orientated. >> there are fewer of them. they are still a majority of voters, but this time their share of the electorate was the lowest ever. while governor romney won by big margin he still lost. that is because of all the groups that voted for president obama. think of them as the diverse modern family voter. first, there is minority. making up largest share of voters on record. latinos are now 10% of the
9:35 pm
electorate. more than twice as many unmarried women backing obama over romney. again he won big with young people. >> this electorate is here to stay. it's only going to increase. >> rapidly turning red and blue america into a much more colorful place. >> dan: moving on now. it sounds like from bruce willis.
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we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> dan: next attack on the united states may be an envision i believe one but the
9:39 pm
consequences could be very real. in tonight's report, jonathan bloom says the military is gearing upright now against an attack in cyberspace. >> entire network is down. >> it's crashing and just hit the financial sector. >> an attack in cyberspace could cause a real world catastrophe. in the movie it would be job for bruce willis but in the real world america turns to someone soft spoken. >> our country is exceptionally vulnerable to cyber attack. >> professor cynthia irvin is acting on orders straight from the from the top. leon panetta has said that an attack on computer system could be a modern day pearl harbor. >> if it crippled our power grid in this country, took down our financial systems and government
9:40 pm
systems, that would constitute an act of war. >> the military is responsible for dealing with acts of zblar she may not look like a drill sergeant, she is tasked with teaching men and women in uniform how to do battle in cyberspace. >> we don't want civilian vigilantes going out pushing button and declaring war on some other country. >> so under direction from the ngsa, she and her colleagues at the graduate school in monterey created a new program that is only for military officers. >> a lot of it is classified because there are secrets that need to be held very closely so they don't fall into the hands of the enemy. >> one goal of the new program spram to teach officers about cyber operations strategically, like an operation on ground or at sea. one is computer game that sim ui
9:41 pm
oo late real world cyber threats -- simulates real world cyber threats. >> this is developed by the navy that is made available to other schools, too. >> here is the computer she is working on. it's got a valuable secret on it. there is a trojan horse on her machine. >> they will learn how to defend against like trojan horses and in some cases to build it. >> we have classes on reverse engineering. if we have a piece of malware we are able to dissect it and find out what it did to us. we also have a class called advance cyber munitions which is classified class. >> it's something the u.s. is rumored to be involved in with the discovery of a pair of computer viruses. >> in the case of one, was written by the u.s. and/or
9:42 pm
israel to damage centrifuges that were being used in iran. >> they say it may mark the first time a computer virus has done physical damage to a country's infrastructure but certainly not the last. >> every year the number of system connected grows and number of devices grow and with that will be a vulnerabilities. >> that the u.s. will be better equipped to catch or to exploit. >> dan: that is remarkable. >> some business news, at&t promises a major upgrade. phone company said it plans to spend billions of dollars more on the next three years to improve networks. they are trying to catch up with verizon and maybe expand into audible connections. >> u.s. trade commission declared china responsible for bringing the solar panel to the brink of collapse.
9:43 pm
they did so by subsidizing its own manufacturers and under cutting prices here. it will be big tariffs on chinese made solar panels. say goodbye to an election full of laughs. late night comedy highlights and presidential race that
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9:46 pm
>> dan: this election has been serious business but a lot of fun. all sorts of videos are out there. here is one that hit the internet this morning. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:47 pm
>> dan: that is a lot of work. 19-year-old student put his books down and edited it together. it's received already 200,000 views. he put together a version of call me maybe which has racked up nearly 31 million views. certainly a video folks and musicians aren't the only one having fun with politics. it's been big fodder for late night talk shows. >> the tension of this election could wipe the smile off of anyone's face. >> if you have a single working class female suburban undecided voter in your home, cover her with plywood. [ laughter ] >> and could be pretentious for some of the jokes can be sharp edged but they are a breath of fresh air. >> it can reinforce even mold
9:48 pm
public perception of a candidate's personality or performance. >> governor romney has just said that he killed osama bin laden. would you care to respond? >> no, you two go ahead. [ laughter ] >> take jimmy kimmel live. >> in times like these you need a white president you can trust, and that white president's name is barack obama. >> and the sketch that didn't make it now that lives online. obama eager to please a swing state in the wake of hurricane sandy. >> i would offer my support to each and every person that is affected by calamity but most of all for the people of ohio. >> also, jason has been rocking his mitt romney impression all year long. >> we also need tame to
9:49 pm
reflected important moments in this election cycle. first of three presidential debates. remember that. >> for many, this election was exhausting. for those in comedy business, it's been one glorious gold mine. >> this one is like watch donald trump losing a hockey fight. i know it has to end, but i just don't want it to. >> dan: some good stuff. let's go back to spencer christian. i wanted this great weather not to end. >> i'm afraid it's all over. look at nor'easter. doppler radar and pounding the northeast coast. there is snow and rain and heavy winds. just all kinds of nasty weather. back here tomorrow, we'll have a little bit of wet weather, showers up and down the state,
9:50 pm
snow up around the sierra and here in the bay area, showers as well that could continue through friday. locally heavy downpours. it will be cool with highs only in the 50s for the most part. a few locations we'll hit 60. seven-day forecast, even cooler through the weekend but it will be dry over the weekend. we'll have frots at this freezing type weather into the early morning hours on sunday and monday. colder weather is coming in. >> dan: sports director larry beil is here. >> election season still. on fire or ice cold which curly would show up for the warriors? point guard trying to find his point guar[ laughter ]find his [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. >> dan: coming up tonight at 11:00, new video of the dolphin and whale hunt going on right
9:54 pm
now in japan. i-team dan noyes talks to japanese officials why they refuse to stop the slaughter. and camp out in east bay, a grand opening with a twist. those stories at 11:00 coming up over on channel 7. hope you can tune in there. larry is there with all sports. >> game went final. warriors, home this evening, curry has been either hot or not. stone cold. looking to heat up a little bit. court side the panda, pablo sandoval, world series hero. he is neighbors with curry i'm told. thompson gets a three but the assist there to curly, irving, number one pick, wheeling and dealing, he had 28 points. curry attack, 15 in the first quarter. finished with 21 on the game. thompson in early foul trouble.
9:55 pm
warriors are up 15. i think that was a pass or shot? thompson turned into a dunk. richard jefferson and barnes, up 8 at the break. i singer loses the ball. jared to jefferson, warriors up by 11. warriors just finished it off, 106-96. it is playoff time, earthquakes against heck ham and the l.a. galaxy. these two teams don't like each other. here is an elbow to the head and you are not allowed to do that. robbie kean nobody picked him up. and pride of danville, leading scorer shoots it high and wide. more from kean and donovan, how
9:56 pm
about the forward roll and six guns blazing. four minutes layered. donovan assists again to mike mcgee and right now 3-nil galaxy in the second half and they may eliminate the earthquakes on point differential if this score holds up. we'll let you know how it goes tonight at 11:00. >> after 13 days off. they lead the n.f.c. west hosting the rams on sunday. last game was a win over arizona. just like the niners they are trying to build a running game. rams are trying to do the same thing, jim harbaugh are asking if the 49ers are the blueprint that everybody is trying t copy. >> not really. try to kick them in the shins when people are saying things like that. >> we're not predictable.
9:57 pm
i don't feel like -- we run inside and outside and all the schemes there are. it's fun. >> the raiders are in baltimore on sunday and probably be without two top tail backs. they have high ankle sprains. who is going to run the ball? opportunity is knocking for stevie jones. he has only carried the ball once this season. >> since i've been here, i've waited for this opportunity and it hasn't worked out. i can't wait. he is so electrifying. he puts his foot on the ground and goes. he is so much fun to watch. >> it has not taken long for andrew luck to leave his mark on the hall of fame. he will his jersey in the hall. he had a record for rookie mark
9:58 pm
for 433 yards in the colts victory over miami. he will be to canton and number one draft pick is setting record for the completions and yards. colts have a new look. they have shaved their heads in a support for show of support from coach who is recovering from leukemia. it's now in remission. 30 players including luck have gotten the razors out and shaved of their heads. as expected, stanford, kevin hogan tremendous coming off the bench in colorado. he will start on saturday against oregon state. he has injected new energy. he threw two touchdown passes. this was a move he felt he had to make. >> it really wasn't that difficult once again. we needed more efficiency on the offensive side. we need those athletic plays
9:59 pm
that kevin can play for us and fact we need it but i think it's huge. >> kevin hogan is great player. >> andrew luck, i don't know who can transition that fast. >> remember the colts were 2-14 last season. there is an eerie stat in luck and peyton manning. both those teams are 5-3 and they have thrown for exactly the same amount of yardage, just over 2,000 yards. it is kind of crazy. >> dan: that is it for this edition. for all of us here, thank you so much for watching. we appreciate your time. hope to see you in one hour on over on abc7.

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